Our Logo

Oddly enough, the City of Montreal logo seems to bare an uncanny resemblance to one of the
most common representations of the Ashanti Adinkra symbol Nyame Dua.

The City of Montréal Logo

On its website, the city of Montreal
describes the logo as:
montreal-logo a minimalist logo that is shaped like a
flower, in which each petal forms the letters V
and M, the initials for “Ville de Montréal.” The
intersecting lines at the centre of the logo
symbolize the city’s vocation as a crossroads of
communication and civilization.
The four heart-shaped petals signify the deep
attachment Montréalers have to their city. An
undulating line encircles the whole, representing
the island, while the intertwining of plant and
aquatic symbolism expresses the wealth of
Montréal’s natural environment and the care
Montréalers take to preserve it.”

The Adinkra symbol Nyame Dua
Nyame Dua literally means Tree of God in
the language of the Ashanti people. It
represents a sacred space where people come
to know who they are. It is a place of
magnificent change, growth, and infinite
possibility, where we can appreciate
endurance, patience, introspection,
adaptability, rootedness, and reach. Under
God’s Tree, the wise gather to ensure the
balance and harmony of the people.
As fully-fledged members of the Montreal community who too often aren’t perceived or
treated as such, it’s time for us to stand up and take our place. There is no dichotomy in our
identity. We hope this space will serve as a gathering place for our community, our own
Nyame Dua.