Who We Are

Our Mission

Mobilizing, Uniting and Empowering the Montreal Black Community. Our website is designed to operate as an online platform, a meeting point and tool providing the opportunity for people of our community with diversity of nationality, gender, discipline, background and outlook to unite for the strengthening and advancement of our sodality. Let’s invest in each other. You decide your level of implication and involvement. Got something on your mind? Any idea? A project? Want to share? Want to learn? This is an open concept of exchange of ideas , trades and skills. What do you have to contribute to the community? What can the community offer you? WE through ME and ME through WE.

Our Name

In the Afrikan Yoruba tradition, Ashuwada literally translates as “coming together in harmony”. At the very core and foundation is the idea that through self-development, positive relationships and community uplifting members stand together on a united front and form a sodality that cannot be shaken, even during the roughest of times.

Our Logo

Oddly enough, the City of Montreal logo seems to bare an uncanny resemblance to one of the most common representations of the Ashanti Adinkra symbol Nyame Dua. Click on the “Our logo” title to learn more.

Latest News

Texte de Jenny Salgado sur LaPresse.ca

En cette fin de mois de l’Histoire des Noirs, je vous partage le texte d’une des chroniqueuses de La Presse, Jenny Salgado. Bonne lecture! http://plus.lapresse.ca/screens/d775312a-51d0-4307-96c1-3337c506e2fc__7C___0.html?utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Internal%2BShare&utm_content=Screen    

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“Good Hair” follow up

Big thanks to everyone who made last night’s movie discussion a great success . It was a very stimulating discussion.  You guys inspire me and give me faith in humanity. Let’s keep the discussion going! Click on the post below to express yourself and check out the movie review. See you in a few weeks

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“Good Hair” by Chris Rock

Tonight’s movie choice is “Good Hair” by Chris Rock. This documentary (mockumentary?)looks at the notion of “good hair” in the African-American community. What is considered good hair and why? Be part of the discussion! Come join us tonight or continue the discussion online commenting on the post “Rock Gets Tangled up in Aesthetics’’. Looking forward

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Thanks to all! (“Dark Girls” follow up)

Thanks to all that participated in our movie discussion yesterday. It was a great turnout and an amazing discussion. Let’s keep the discussion going! Click on the post below to express yourself, check out the movie review and see the links to the different videos that were mentioned during our discussion yesterday Dark Girls: Mixed

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“Dark Girls” by Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry

Tonight Ashuwada is hosting a movie night. The movie selected:  “Dark Girls” by Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry. This critically acclaimed documentary tackles the issue of colourism in the black community through the perspective of dark-skinned girls. The screening will be followed by what is sure to be an interesting discussion. Be part of

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Be the change – Le changement commence sous quel toit ? de Jenny Salgado

La nouvelle Maison d’Haïti La famille de la Maison D’Haïti m’a contactée  y’a peut-être environ deux ans passés pour me demander de collaborer  avec eux en tant que porte-parole de leur grand projet : celui de  renouveler leur établissement – qui se faisait de plus en plus archaïque et donc limité – afin de rendre

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